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Welcome to Kidsperience Preschool

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Kidsperience Preschool. An innovative Early Years School with one simple goal: to provide an excellent, memorable and inspiring start to the academic path of our youngest community members where they are free, at their own pace, to Explore, Learn and Grow.

At Kidsperience we can promise you two things: Firstly, we will strive for nothing less than assisting our young students to achieve their full potential, whatever that potential may be and secondly, that we will provide pastoral care equal to that of a family member, with love, affection and pure dedication so that our students and their families feel secure and safe in our environment.

Our mission at Kidsperience is to create a broad and balanced curriculum with equal focus on assisting our students in developing academic skills that will prepare them for their academic life and simultaneously prepare them for life itself. Our highly qualified, enthusiastic and loving educators work diligently to maintain the natural curiosity that, we believe, all people possess from a very young age as well as introduce aspects of life to them that will inspire them to be generous, responsible, caring and valuable young members of society. From Mathematics and Literacy, to Table Manners and Recycling, a day at Kidsperience will include a vast variety of activities designed to focus on every aspect of our students young and growing minds.

It is our strong belief at Kidsperience that Early Years Education is of great significance in a person's life and we will settle for nothing less than an incredible introduction to each and every students academic journey.

Following our school's Ethos of  'Explore, Learn, Grow', each and every child's individual desired means of learning is appreciated and every child's interests are explored. Our student centred approach means that there is not one way of learning at our school and it is our goal to ensure that every learner receives quality education.

Kidsperience is a place where every child is valued, every learner is appreciated and kindness, manners, courtesy and love matter.


Mrs Katerina Sazou

Head Teacher/Founder

Kidsperience Preschool 



Our student centered, progressive approach to learning focuses on providing children with a holistic education where they are able to gain the skills needed for their further academic education but to simultaneously encourage the development of "Healthy Habits" that can be carried with them into their future.


Our purpose built, fully licensed school environment includes up to date educational equipment to assist your child through their exciting learning journey, from interactive whiteboards in every fully equipped classroom to natural sensory areas in our large outdoor playground - every inch of the school has been designed for the benefit of their development and progression.


We accept Enrollment Request Forms throughout the year and where possible accommodate new children at the beginning of each semester.

If you would like to visit our school or meet with our team to discuss your child's education please do contact us.