Welcome to Kidsperience - a place where we believe children should be valued as individuals and as a significant part of our community.

Our mission derives from our belief that within each child there is a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We aim to awaken this curiosity and keep it alive by helping children see the beauty of learning and thereby creating a love of learning.

Our educators work diligently together and individually in order to make the beginning steps in your child's life long learning journey memorable and valuable.


Our student centered, progressive approach to learning focuses on providing children with a holistic education where they are able to gain the skills needed for their further academic education but to simultaneously encourage the development of "Healthy Habits" that can be carried with them into their future.


Our newly renovated school environment includes up to date educational equipment to assist your child through their exciting learning journey, from interactive whiteboards in every fully equipped classroom to natural sensory areas in our large outdoor playground - every inch of the school has been designed for the benefit of their development and progression.


We accept Enrollment Request Forms throughout the year and where possible accommodate new children at the beginning of each semester.

If you would like to visit our school or meet with our team to discuss your child's education please do contact us.


" Wonderful place for my son to learn and grow. We watched his self confidence and independence develop with the help of a truly loving family. "


" Kidsperience have become our co-parents! They’ve helped our son grow in more ways than I can say, all the while supporting us and showing him how to love learning. The only problem now is explaining to our 3 yo why he can’t go at the weekend! "


Should I start with the fact that my Ana does not want to go home from the nursery? This is as much as she loves the place and EVERYBODY in it, as she puts it. As a parent I appreciate the amount of work put into the child development, preparing them not only for school but most important, preparing them for life. Picking her up is always fun as I get to be always amazed of the new things she learned that day like: "You are welcomed" or "I love you so much mommy!"


As parents who have to work full time, it was really important that we find a nursery that would take ours sons development and care as seriously as we do. So when we found Kidsperience, we knew that we had found the place and most importantly the right people. Kidsperience is our sons second family and it has been an absolute joy seeing him flourish in their care.


A wonderful caring nursery school committed to giving the children a fabulous start to their education with an emphasis placed on independence, kindness to others and confidence. Could not recommend more highly.


We are very happy to have our son attending Kidsperience. Each day you are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators. The level of care and dedication displayed by the kindergarten and the staff is amazing. After two weeks from the day our son began at Kidsperience he was already so settled and extremely excited to to go every morning.

We recommend kidsperience in the highest of terms. 


"Some more please".... "Sorry mummy"... "Thank you daddy" ....those are just a few examples that our 2-year-old son started saying on a daily basis once he started going to Kidsperience. As parents we feel that our son learns new things every day but also has a lot fun through different stimulating activities. Kidsperience became his second home and Katerina and Tony are always considerate and understanding with his own needs. Thank you!


When we moved to Cyprus, a little over a year ago, we felt terrified at the thought of not spending much time with our little one, and most importantly, will we find a kindergarten where she will be looked after the same way like we do? Straight after meeting Katerina and Tony, we knew we don't have to look any further, that we have found the perfect environment where she can develop at her own pace, discover and nurture her passions all the while making new friends and enjoying her childhood. We can see how comfortable and happy she is every time she hugs Mrs. Katerina and each member of her team. When at home and we are role playing, she always wants to be Mrs.Katerina. We feel blessed to have found you, your team and fully trust you with our precious cheeky monkey. She has grown so much, and you helped a great deal in her amazing development! Thank you for everything you do!

Violeta and Ionel