Our Team

Our On Campus team consists of Directors, Managers, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and a SENCO who work together productively to create a stimulating and inclusive environment for each and every child.

In addition, we have a caring Off Campus support team of therapists and specialist educators who join us regularly, and when needed, to ensure that our goal of a holistic and inclusive education is made possible.
Our school is always looking to expand our team, both off and on campus. If you share our passion for education and believe you can contribute positively to children's lives in some way, contact us

Our Values


At Kidsperience we are proud of our multicultural environment consisting of students from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and nationalities. This mix of cultures allows us to promote acceptance and respect of others. In addition, our value of respect is important to us in terms of our approach. Differentiation is used in our classroom, respecting all learning styles as well as levels and abilities. We understand and appreciate that all children develop at different paces and in different manners and it is our goal to provide quality education to all. Finally, being a kind, considerate, responsible and caring individual are qualities we work hard to pass on to our young students. Our students are expected to behave and communicate in a respectful manner and this is continuously encouraged and rewarded.


One of our goals at Kidsperience is introducing our students to 'Healthy Habits'. One of our Healthy Habits is living a healthy lifestyle. Our school possesses a kitchen's license and all meals, designed in collaboration with a nutritionist, are prepared at our premises by our loving Caretaker. Our highly valued approach to Care also refers to the fact that at our school, above everything else, it is our priority to make our students feel safe, secure and loved. Everything else after this, we believe, will follow naturally as bonds between our dedicated staff and our young students grow.


Our value of excellence begins with our Education and extends to our facilities, resources and, of course, our staff. We strive for a holistic approach to our education, focusing on three areas: academic achievement, social responsibility and self development. With regards to our facilities and resources, our purpose built school is a safe and secure environment for our students, abiding by all safety measures required by the Welfare Office and Fire Department and our resources are up to date and technologically advanced, allowing our students the freedom to experiment, imagine and create. Finally, our highly qualified staff members are screened before joining our team undergoing medical and police checks. Our staff members are, additionally, trained in First Aid, BLS and CPR.


Kidsperience is always seeking to develop, progress and Improve in order to become more efficient and successful in our mission to provide high quality education. In our school we have installed Educational Interactive Whiteboards, bringing technology into our classrooms. Furthermore, we are proud of our Kidsperience school online portal, allowing our parents to stay in touch, keep up to date with our calendar and read daily reports informing them of what their child has been up to on any given day. During the school year, additionally, we are continuously working on new and innovative ideas to contribute to both our school as well as the wider community, including campaigns and original educational programs.

Our approach

At Kidsperience we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the British National Curriculum.

Our progressive educational approach to learning supports our belief that children learn more effectively if they are exposed to materials that will release their inner curiosity. Our hands on approach to learning allows the children to experiment and question.

Each child is valued for who they are, and we believe that by understanding what makes each child excited to learn, we can make them love to learn. Each child is carefully observed upon entering the classroom and their preferred means of learning is accepted and appreciated. Our educators work closely with the children as well as with the other teachers in order to create activities, classroom environments and lesson plans that will cater to each child's needs and appreciate each child's uniqueness.


At Kidsperience we believe that parents and guardians are vital parts of children's lives and in order for a child to develop holistically, those surrounding them must communicate and have a positive relationship.

This is why we welcome parents and guardians into our school to participate and volunteer wherever they can - from volunteering on excursions, to assisting in fund raising events, to the Kidsperience Parents Association - all efforts are appreciated.

In order to keep on progressing and creating the best possible environment and education for your children, we feel it is most effective if done together.



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