At Kidsperience we follow the standards of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the British National Curriculum

The key aspect of our Ethos is our efforts to create a perfectly well rounded balance between preparing children for both their academic life and life itself. Academic progress along with personal, self development are aspects of each student that are worked on continuously throughout the academic year. We follow the standards of the British National Curriculum (EYFS) to prepare our children for school, ensuring that when they leave us to enter a Reception class in Primary School they possess the skills and knowledge to ensure they may comfortably carry on their academic path. Simultaneously, however, we also place emphasis on life skills, helping to raise responsible, considerate, energetic members of society ready to contribute positively to their community.

Our aim at Kidsperience places great emphasis on developing healthy habits from a young age, increasing your child's chances of continuing these habits throughout their lifetime. Promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are a priority for us - a well balanced dietary plan and daily physical exercise becomes a part of your child's routine at school. In addition, Kidsperience Preschool is a part of Eco Schools, a program which allows us to encourage the children to be environmentally friendly and live an Eco friendly lifestyle by practicing this during their time at school. Finally, through our charity and donation efforts during the school year, in which we highly involve the children, we allow the children to experience the significance and pleasure of care, kindness and generosity within our community.

Learning support

All children develop at different paces and despite their age, have various levels of needs and abilities. We strive to provide each student with the support they need in order for them to reach their full potential. Our school works closely with a learning support team in order for any and all of the children's needs to be met for whatever reason.

In addition, optional one to one EAL Lessons (English as a second language) are offered to students during the school day in order to assist with the development of the English Language.

the learning environment

Every detail of the Kidsperience environment is designed to stimulate the children's curiosity and benefit their development in some way.

Each classroom is designed to allow the children to explore, investigate, play and learn independently without continuous direction. Our outdoor play area is also used for the benefit of the child's development and is viewed as a extension of the classrooms.

Kidsperience Books

During the year, all of our creative students collaborate and work together with our enthusiastic teachers to create a children's book about new topics they have learned.



Our Kidsperience Clubs are extra-curricular activities that compliment the British National Curriculum. They are held in the afternoon hours and are there to offer children a greater selection of activity. If your child attends our Nursery in the morning, they are also able to join our clubs in the afternoon.

A range of clubs are offered each day and they change each term, giving your child more choice and opportunities.


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Our Pen Pal Program is designed to introduce young students to countries, cultures and nationalities different from their own. At Kidsperience, we believe that introducing children from a young age to different people from different backgrounds will promote acceptance, understanding and unity. Therefore, this is the aim of the Pen Pal Program. Through videos, photographs, video calls, shared activities and many other methods of communication, our goal is for students to learn about children their own age, hearing about their country, language, music, food and celebrations and teach others of our own traditions and cultural elements here is Cyprus.


Each year we work with schools across the world! If you are interested in participating in our Pen Pal Program, get in touch!

                                                    OUR ECO CODE

Our School's Eco Code, created by our students, helps us all remember simple ways to help our planet.
We are learning to protect our environment, care for our planet and make a change. We are GREEN and you can be too by following our Eco Code.
With the right direction, education and knowledge on this topic, we truly believe our new generation can lead the way!

come and visit

If you would like to visit our school and meet with a member to staff to discuss our classes, ethos or to see the facilities for yourself, we’d be happy to show you round!

For the safety of the children we ask that any members of the public contact us in advance to organise a suitable time to visit and be met by an available staff member.